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About Mizhar Exports

Mizhar is established in the year of 1989. Mizhar having working profile in media field. And we are having Mizhar organization, after getting good establishment in all india level , we have launched Mizhar exports for importing gold. Because deira having good manpower all over india. In Mizhar organization having 20,000 = member across the india. One of our member having gold exports business in out of india, this member sending gold to india via our mizhar exports licence. And this gold we are selling throughout india with bill. It’s totally no -1 legal transactions only. If any person wants gold in india he or she can contact with us without any bias mizhar exports wants agents and buyers from all over india.

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Mizhar will give​ you gold. Buyer has permission to first test / check our gold. After testing, pay in the agreed mode of payment then take your gold.And from second deal we will deliver gold to buyers locations such as cash on delivery.

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Legal gold trading business opportunity specially for you. With minimum investment.
We want area wise agent and state wise agency from all over india.
Your benifit will be 2 percent to 10 percent from from business turnover. You will get id card and authorization letter also. From any part of india you can work.
Starting rate 10% less then market value.
1 to 5 kg price best lakh rs per kg
5 to 10 kg price best lakh rs per kg.
11 to 50 kg lakh rs best per kg
51 to 100 kg lakh best per kg
101 to 500 kg lakh best per kg.
501 to 1000 kg best lakh rs per kg.
Above 1000 kg best lakh rs per kg. With bill and testing report. Pls pay amount in our bank account. I will give you bank challan copy you have to collect the gold from bank or you can collect gold from our authorized agency also . Receiving challan copy i will send you after getting your payments. Your commission is 2 to 10 percentage depends upon order.

Or you can come directly to our office and give the payment and take the materials from our office directly if needed delivery we will give home and office delivery also. After complete the 1st deal from 2nd deal credit facility also available depends upon buyers capacity.
If you need with out bill then come to our bellow office address. See the gold and take decisions for this gold bussiness.

Some of the main attractions of this offer are:

  • Gold supply will be in bulk quantity.
  • Official invitation will be sent to our fixed buyers, come to our office see gold and meet us.
    (we will be present with our buyer.)
  • To make trust, the first deal will be start from seller’s city.
  • The buyer will inspect as required anf agree to the final price by confirming quality, carats etc and then the deal will be closed.
  • You can sell gold in your network and also sell in our network. Afterwards, we will give you all the business and make long term relationship with the seller.
  • If you want to take an agency, you can buy at any time.

इस प्रस्ताव के कुछ मुख्य आकर्षण हैं:

  • जादा मात्रा में सोने की बिक्री की जाएगी
  • हमारा निर्धारित खरीदार को आने के लिए आधिकारिक निमंत्रण भेजा जाएगा, सोना देखें और हमें मिलें।
    (हम अपने खरीदार के साथ उपस्थित रहेंगे।)
  • ट्रस्ट को बनाने के लिए भारत में सेलर्स के ऑफिस में पहला डील होगा।
  • खरीदार आवश्यकतानुसार निरीक्षण करेगा और गुणवत्ता, कैरेट्स आदि की पुष्टि कर के अंतिम मूल्य पर सहमत होके और फिर सौदा बंद कर दीया जाएगा।
  • आप अपने नेटवर्क में सोना बेच सकते है और हमारे नेटवर्क मे भी बेच सकते है बाद मे हम आपको सभी व्यवसाय दे देंगे और विक्रेता के साथ दीर्घकालिक संबंध बनाएंगे।
  • यदि आप एजेंसी लेना चाहते हैं तो आप किसी भी समय गोल्ड खरीद सकते हैं।

Buyer has permission to first test/check our gold. After testing, pay in the agreed mode of payment then take your gold.And from second deal we will deliver gold to buyers locations such as cash on delivery. If you are interested then first come only for meeting for Satisfied. Thank you